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Di Gang, deputy director of the digital currency Research Institute of the central bank, said at the 2020 international financial security forum that digital finance and new infrastructure are actually driwhat is digital currency groupven and developed by each other. The security of the new infrastructure has promoted the development of security technology in digital finance,

For digital currency issuance and other services. Visa said fast track participation worldwide increased 360% year-on-year. At the same time, in the development of digital currency, visa has Crypto.comCrypto.comMonaco Cryptocurrency visa card based on Ethereum smart contract. With Monaco, you can directly consume bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. in the card. No matter online or offline, as long as you hold Monaco, you can enjoy the best exchange rate. The Monaco team has the dual genes of traditional financial institutions and the Internet. The CEO of the company is the former co-founder of the largest flash purchase e-commerce business in Southeast Asia. The e-commerce company founded by the company has obtained investment from vipshop, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Fidelity Fund and other financial institutions; the CFO of the company is the former CFO of MasterCard mobile payment; the consultant team has former visa executives. This means that the company has obvious advantages in risk compliance, card issuing and partner. In addition, monacovisa has entered into a partnership with a world-renowned card issuer, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has a full range of banking licenses in Germany. The payment processing platform is fully certified by MasterCard and visa, which conforms to the first level pcidss standard. Companies such as cromcocryptomco view more (UK) are working closely to connect digital money to its existing 61 million merchant network. Note: FastTrack program is selected by visa from all over the world for innovative enterprises. After joining, the members are qualified to directly connect with the resources provided by visa global payment network, including issuing co branded visa cards to jointly provide various innovative products and financial services to global users.

Gemini is a digital assetwhat is digital currency group trading platform established by Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss Winklevoss. Headquartered in New York, USA, it is a fully standardized and fully compliant digital asset exchange platform, which provides services for individuals and companies 。 The so-called next generation digital asset exchange,

Wang Yongli, former vice president of the Bank of China, published the article "some views on the central bank's DCEP". He pointed out that the central bank has made it clear that the central bank's digital currency is the digital RMB. There is no subversive change in the currency itself of the central bank digital currency. The biggest change is the way of payment and settlement. As a digital RMB, DCEP has no investment and collection value. More strictly speaking, DCEP is actually the digitization of RMB cash, not all RMB. Therefore, it is more appropriate to call it "digital cash". As for the possible role and significance of DCEP, it shows that: 1. DCEP can replace part of cash; 2. DCEP, as digital cash, may have a very low proportion in the total amount of money. Even if DCEP is launched, it will not be possible to reconstruct the traditional financial system in the short term; 3. DCEP will not be an unlicensed, borderless blockchain operation system like bitcoin, which can not be completed soon In order to realize the limited anonymity requirement of DCEP, a transaction may have to transmit information to the operator at the same time In addition, the content of the information transmitted is different from that of the central bank, which will be very complicated in design and may cost more than the current mobile payment of bank online banking or payment institutions. Whether it has comparative advantages and is easy to be welcomed by all parties concerned is worthy of attention.

Grayscale investments, a crypto asset management company, announced that its fund, grayscale digital large capital fund (DLC), could offer publicly for eligible shares. The U.S. financial industry regulatory authority (FINRA) approved the use of gdlcf as a quotation symbol in the open OTC market. Grayscale believes this means that the United States introduced the first publicly quoted securities in multiple digital currencies. Since February 2018, DLC only provides private placement to qualified investors to raise funds. As of September 30, 2019, there arewhat is digital currency group 3194900 DLCs. According to Article 144 of the securities law, after the legal one-year holding period, the shares of DLC created through private placement will be eligible to be sold in the open market. Until these shares qualify as depositorytrust company, the public offer will not generate trading volume, and grayscale believes that the fund will soon receive the qualification, at which time investors will be able to freely trade DLC shares through their investment accounts.

Gemini builds a bridge between digital assets and traditional financial system, enabling potential digital currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum to reshape the financial system by reducing the traditional transaction costs and the time of capital transfer. In order to ensure the continuous patency of the bridge, they gathered the top national technical personnel and financial engineers to form a first-class team to provide a safe digital asset trading environment for individuals and institutions. Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini check out 12 crypto finance companies and exchanges including Eris and Robin Hood. In March, Hawaii announced the establishment of a two-year digital currency innovation laboratory to allow digital currency issuers to operate in Hawaii without the permission of a state remitter, Lianwen previously reported. The statement said it hopes to learn more about digital currency and its activities in the next two years, and to develop guidance cryptocurrency legislation and determine the future of Hawaii's digital currency.

Bailey, the governor of the Bank of England, said there would still be a lot of money to do in the next decade. According towhat is digital currency group previous reports, the Bank of England (Bank of England) will redesign its real-time settlement services (RTGS) to ensure its compatibility with the central bank's digital currency (CBDC), such as the digital pound sterling. The new RTGS system is expected to come into operation in 2022.

Timothy lane, deputy governor of the Bank of Canada and head of research in Canada's financial technology and cryptocurrency sector, said the new outbreak could force the Bank of Canada to launch its central bank digital currency (CBDC) earlier than expected. The tone of CBDC has changed in the past nine months, it said. Even if the Bank of Canada lags behind the European Central Bank and the European Central Bank in issuing CBDC, Canada can learn from its predecessors.

Cashaa, an encryption friendly banking service platform, announced the establishment of unicas, an encryption friendly joint venture with the United multistate credit cooperative society of India, which will start operation in December 2020. Unicas is a digital currency friendly entity. Unicas will enable people to access traditional banking services and encrypted banking services online and through 22 physical branches in northern India, including: 1. Opening savings accounts with encrypted wallets; 2. Cryptocurrency, gold and real estate loans; 3. Cryptocurrency, bond investment swhat is digital currency groupervices. Cashaa said it plans to expand its physical branches, which users can access encryption products, to 100 next year. Lianwen previously reported that cashaa had stolen about 336 bitcoins in July this year. In September, cashaa announced that it had obtained a $5 million investment from o1ex, a Dubai blockchain investment consulting firm. Cashaa said it would use part of the funds to make up for the losses caused by hacker attacks in July 2020.