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  • 影片名称 :我叫滕佩斯塔
  • 影片状态 :HD
  • 主要演员 :马可·贾利尼  埃利奥·杰曼诺  
  • 出品地区 :意大利
  • 上映年代 :2018
  • 更新时间 :2019/8/8 17:17:01
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Numa Tempesta is a fascinating, charismatic, businessman at the top of his game. Driven by a ruthless, relentless need to succeed, Numa will stop at nothing to close a deal even if it means bending the law. That"s until the law catches up to him and to avoid prison, Numa is sentenced to a year of community service in a homeless shelter. While there, Numa cannot conduct any business but he must close the deal of the century or lose his fortune. It will take Numa every crafty bone in his body to find a solution and he may just find it where he least expects it.

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