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  • 电视名称 :天堂岛疑云第八季
  • 连载状态 :第8集
  • 主要演员 :阿道·欧汉隆  约瑟芬·约伯特  
  • 出品地区 :英国
  • 上映年代 :2019
  • 更新时间 :2019/3/10 17:19:31

Jack Mooney is starting to settle in the sun-soaked island of Saint-Marie, and he has some impossible mysteries to solve. A champion poker player, apparently poisoned at the table in front of an astonished audience. A novelist, murdered in a plot more surprising than anything he’s ever written. And a spiritual leader, strangled at a time when all the suspects were each other’s alibis. Jack’s laconic style belies a sharp mind and relentless determination. He’s a brilliant detective, and he’ll need all his instinctive genius to solve these perplexing murders.

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