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  • 影片名称 :汽车威利
  • 影片状态 :HD中字
  • 主要演员 :Ogie Banks  Gavin Yap  Bill.J.Gottlieb  
  • 出品地区 :马来西亚
  • 上映年代 :2018
  • 更新时间 :2019/1/11 18:24:58
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After a really bad crash, Wheely was demoted from a rookie racer to a downtown cabbie with a mountain of debt and a bruised ego. The cause of the accident is no other than Putt Putt, his philosophical/Feng Shui practitioner fan turned to-best friend. Everything was fine until Wheely fell "head-over-wheels" over Bella, a supermodel from the upper echelons of society. To make things worse...she"s got a boyfriend! Luckily for Wheely, Bella finds his street smart, ghetto-like, funny-guy character appealing.... but just before he gets the chance to get to know her better, her stuck-up boyfriend Ben, gets in the way. And that"s not all.... Wheely"s faced with an even bigger problem when his dream girl gets car-napped by a global syndicate masterminded by an 18-wheeler truck, Kaiser. Written by Dr. Shireen M Hashim...

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