List of digital currencies

South Korean communications giant KT announced plans to launch Dongbaek mall, an online shopping mall, to further expand the use of local cryptocurrency in Busan. According to people familiar wiList of digital currenciesth the matter,

Visa research, the R & D Department of visa, is currently studying the scalability and secondary payment channels of blockchain to enhance the commercialization of blockchain technology. It also noted that visa is studying offline digital currency payments. In July, visa said that more than 25 digital currency wallets have linked their services to visa to support users to make digital currency payments using Visa debit or prepaid cards, and will continue to study digital currency payments.

According to the 21st century economic report, digital RMB is not available to the public for download, so we need to be vigilant. Digital RMB adopts invited system or white list audit system. No matter which way you download the digital RMB app, its page is full of watermarks, and screen capture and screen recording are not allowed. In fact, in order to use digital RMB, in addition to users having digital RMB app, merchants also need List of digital currenciesto have a system supporting digital RMB payment. One of the two conditions is indispensable. At present, some download links appearing in the market under the banner of digital RMB are actually diversion for various application software. Mu Changchun, director of the digital currency Research Institute of the central bank, also mentioned at the Bund financial summit that counterfeit digital RMB wallets have been found in the market. Relevant departments have cracked down on a number of counterfeit digital RMB wallets.

It will not affect the existing monetary policy transmission mechanism; 7. The central bank will not preset the technical route, and any advanced technology may be used in the central bank's digital currency research and development. The boundary between electronic payment and central bank digital currency is fuzzy, which can fully mobilize market power and realize system optimization through competition.

It also released a 93 page project overview, arguing that DLT can improve cross-border transactions and meet the needs of financial privacy in a purely digital environment. In this overview, the two central banks outlined the List of digital currencieslessons learned from the one-year proof of concept and concluded that it is feasible to share digital currency among countries.